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Founded in 1986, Career Beginnings connects Hartford-area high schools, businesses, volunteers/mentors and parents in a coordinated effort to increase the percentage of teenagers who graduate from high school, pursue higher education, and fulfill career goals.

Career Beginnings’ counselors provide one-on-one in-school support to all of our participating high schools. Students meet regularly with counselors where they discuss their academic progress and set goals for future development.

Beyond one-on-one meetings Career Beginnings offers SAT/ACT fee waivers, College Application fee waivers, College visits, and a series of workshops during their junior and senior year. Workshops cover a wide range of topics including:

● The College admissions process
● The Financial aid process
● Essay writing
● Resume development
● The Common Application
● Goal-setting skills

Besides college-focused workshops we offer mentoring programs that match students with adults that have experience in banking and finance, insurance, academia and healthcare. Upon completion of High School there is a ‘seamless counseling’ model that involves 12 month follow-up counselling into post-secondary Education.

Services Provided

Besides the services listed above Career beginnings also offers:

Career Beginnings Bridge Program

Career Beginnings employs a twelve month follow-up, ‘seamless counseling’ model, continuing advising after high school graduation to ensure fall matriculation and a smooth transition to college.

Career Beginnings’ Counselors stay with the students with whom they have worked with for up to two years thereby leveraging a pre-existing relationship into the college years

Contact: Amy Molinaro, Director



Student Qualifications

Students who qualify are 11 and 12th graders at the following schools:

● A.I. Prince Technical High School
● Bloomfield High School
● Bulkeley High School
● East Hartford High School
● Academy of Engineering
● Green Technology Nursing Academy
● Law and Government Academy High School, Inc
● Manchester High School
● The Culinary Arts Academy
● The Journalism and Media Academy
● Hartford Inc.

Schedule & Important Dates

The Career Beginnings mentoring program is a flexible, off-site commitment, beginning at the end of the student’s junior year through their senior year.

Mentors are recruited from March – June. After an orientation and on-going program direction, they give their mentees individual college-related support, encouragement and are essentially their “Cheerleader” during the year. All potential mentors undergo a background check.

Besides the mentoring schedule, a series of one-time workshops are held. Workshops cover topics ranging from the college admissions and financial aid processes, essay writing, resume development, the Common Application, decision-making and goal-setting skills.

Career Beginnings collaborates with the Board of Education and other strategic partners during the year, hosting the annual Summer Enrichment Fair, the College Fair and the Voices of Hartford Success among other events.

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Career Beginnings

31 Pratt Street, Hartford, CT 06103, United States

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Career Beginnings

31 Pratt Street, Hartford, CT 06103, United States

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