Memorandum of Agreement

This Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) establishes a collaborative partnership between the members of the College Supports Network.

This document defines the responsibilities of The College Supports Network (CSN) and CSN Members. Those who participate in this network will be referred to as CSN Members. This agreement signifies that CSN will strive to implement a college going culture in and around Hartford through collaboration and resource sharing.

  1. As the Project Sponsor, The College Supports Network will:
    • Update resources, member profiles, events and content up to date on
    • Keep constant contact and open communication with each CSN member. Each CSN member will be added to the mailing-list and updated whenever an email goes out to the group.
    • Schedule quarterly meetings of the group to discuss best practices and current issues. If this timeframe does not work well with stakeholders in the future this may be changed; however, to promote robust collaborations between constituent’s regular contact and networking will need to be established.
    • Provide time for networking at each meeting and brainstorm ways members can network with local funders and higher education in and around Hartford. We seek to create a space and time to think about ways we can advance this work even further.
    • Establish strategic partnerships that advance the overall goals and mission of this network. Such relationships include The Hartford Public School district and every individual member of this network.
    • Pursue local and corporate funders in and around Hartford. **
  2. The CSN member will:
    • Provide the CSN coordinator with information when programming information changes. Specifically referring to the Program Questionnaire categories including: general info, qualifying students, services provided, program fee, transportation, desired outcomes and application process.
    • Strive to populate the shared calendar and resources page with as much information you find useful as possible.
    • Give feedback to the CSN coordinator when you feel the group is inefficient, or see a chance to change or ameliorate the services provided by CSN.
    • Attend networking events with the group and give ideas for collaboration with other organizations you may or may not work with, if you think they are a fit for CSN membership.
  3. Joint Responsibilities
    • Make a reasonable effort to ensure that the CSN network is productive for all its members by growing the network through onboarding new organizations, ideas, and being active during meetings.
    • Come up with a shared mission, vision, and activities in which all members believe in.
    • Contribute resources and valuable information for the CSN website.
  4. Modifications
    • This Memorandum of Understanding may be amended at any time by an agreement in writing executed by authorized representatives of CSN and (Insert organization).
  5. Signature for MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING between the CSN and (Insert Organization Here).
    • By signing this agreement below, you are stating that you have read through the ENTIRE Memorandum of Understanding, understanding each point, and agree to abide by the rules/restrictions set forth in this document.