About College Supports Network


We believe that by harnessing and leveraging our collective services, resources and knowledge, the Hartford College Supports Network (CSN) will significantly increase the percentage of Hartford students that successfully navigate the college process and achieve degree-completion.


By coordinating and facilitating meaningful and rewarding interconnections between invested college-access programs, organizations, and institutions, our members seek to increase access to college for Hartford students.

Our goal is to positively impact, strengthen, and magnify our city’s college-bound culture.

Organizational Values

CSN’s ability to influence the community stems directly from the uniqueness of our members. We recognize that diverse collectives function best when they approach their work grounded in clear values with a commitment to:

Putting Students First

Our members are committed to the idea that all students deserve effective college-access supports, resources, and services. To that end, members are open to sharing programmatic resources and opportunities among each other.

Professionalism, and Quality Results

All CSN members are committed to excellence. Our member organizations can be described as effective, intentional, and reflective. CSN members strive to produce quality outcomes that align with our collective vision and mission.

Fostering Robust Collaborations

Our members recognize the need to collaborate in order to maximize impact, avoid overlap and fill gaps. The CSN aspires to be an inclusive, multi-sector, organization that will engage all stake-holders in our overall goal to provide effective supports to college-bound Hartford youth.

Embrace a Culture of Accountability

CSN members all do great work; yet, perhaps their greatest organizational distinction is their willingness to be transparent about their organizational data. CSN members are also open – though not required – to engage in disciplined and robust reviews of participating member programs.