Youth Programs Coordinator

We had two follow ups from prior high school participants in CLP college prep programs. One of the students (#1) is a direct example of summer melt. The second student (#2) graduated from high school but still needed remedial English.

1) One student failed to matriculate at CCC in Fall 2016 due to frustration about doing poorly on a placement test. He is currently unemployed and out of school. His mother re-referred him to the Center for Latino Progress. We met with him. Renewed his CCC application, called in and left a message to set up his CCC financial aid meeting, and set him up with an interim customer service job training program (with stipend) in New Britain (where he lives now).

2) Another student is at CCC, and stopped by to catch up. Noted that he was close to failing his remedial English class and set up a meeting to work through that essay together. The student is ESL (learning quickly) and had only been in the US for two years when he graduated from Bulkeley. The student’s younger brothers are at Bulkeley and may be interested in connecting to our college prep program or working with us as an intern.

3) A 3rd student (now at MCC) is coming in over the winter break for a follow up meeting. We’ll talk about his classes and see if he needs any help with the FAFSA and scholarship applications.

We don’t have any active programs to work with students in college after our college program, but we organically serve those that come back to us for help and referrals. I’m hoping other programs do the same.

– I sent a reminder email out to our past college prep students that they need to apply to their FAFSA each year and can apply to additional scholarships.
– We also invite our community college students to take advantage of the weekly mentoring and homework help we offer on Saturdays. They occasionally take us up on it, but not as often as they should.